Self-Inspection Program

Your local fire department is committed to the safety and security of our local businesses. Taking small, simple measures to ensure a safe environment can enhance the safety of employees and customers. This Self-Inspection Program has been implemented to help accomplish this goal.

Due to the number of businesses within the community, the fire department has implemented a Self-Inspection Program. The program will service businesses that do not require Fire Code Permits and are considered to be at low- risk. The fire department has chosen Fire Recovery USA to assist the fire department in the implementation of this program. All businesses deemed to be at low-risk must complete the attached Fire Inspection Form. The completed Fire Inspection Form must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the notice with a check or credit card payable to Fire Recovery USA for review and maintenance of the Self-Inspection Program.

Opt Out: Fire department representatives will inspect businesses that do not respond, and additional fees will be applied. If you do not feel comfortable performing your own inspection please login and go to Step 2. Complete Step 2. Then, go to Step 3 and request the fire department to perform a manual inspection of your business at the top of the page. Click here to login.

The Fire Inspection Form is required to be filled out by the property owners or tenants prior to tenant occupancy and on an annual basis thereafter. Thank you for assisting us in making this a safe community.

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